**Please check our Facebook page for the latest updates**

Open Water Swimming is provided by Ellingham Water Ski & Wakeboard Club. **Please check our Facebook page for the latest updates**

Open Water Swimming is provided by Ellingham Water Ski & Wakeboard Club. If you are looking for amazingly clean water to train in - then this is the lake to come to. The lake has the following distance loops marked out by yellow swim buoys: 400m, 750m and 1200m.

When are the sessions?

The 2020 swim season at Ellingham has now finished. We expect to restart in April 2021.

How much does it cost?

£7 - Pre-bookable via Actio only
Do you have lifeguards?

Yes, we have 3! Sessions are monitored by one lifeguard on the dock and two out on the water on paddleboards. All 3 are in constant radio contact making sure you're all looked after. Please note that if we are ever short on lifeguards (this happens very rarely) then we will need to close the 1200m loop in order to monitor everyone effectively.

What do I need to bring with me?

A brightly coloured swim hat, cash to pay with and a wetsuit. Please note that we are very happy to accept non-wetsuit swimmers as long as they are accustomed to cold water and swim regularly without one. During the Covid-19 restriction we will be asking all non-wetsuit swimmer to use a swim float which they must supply. If you are a newbie and simply do not own a wetsuit, you will need to wait until the water is much warmer - this is for your own safety and enjoyment.

Can I swim as a guest without signing up for NOWCA membership?

Not at the moment. In a normal season yes you can (£9), but you will need to fill in some details before you swim, so please allow time to do this. We recommend arriving before 7am for the morning sessions or before 7pm for the evenings.

How much is the membership and how do I get it?

It's £12 for the whole year. Please sign up online BEFORE your first swim at www.nowca.org - hit the red 'REGISTER' button at the top of the page, complete the form, citing our venue name and you will be able to collect your wristband from us ready for your first swim! Your wristband can be used at all the NOWCA safety accredited lakes and venues all over the country.

**Please note that NOWCA members holding a red wristband will be given priority if there is a queue when they arrive at the lake**

Do you have an age limit?

Children under 16 should be accompanied by an adult in the water, but we do not have an age limit. We simply ask that you take responsibility for the child you are accompanying - please be sensible and take into account their ability/confidence level before you enter the water. Please note that NOWCA memberships for under 16s can't be purchased online - you'll need to do this on site.

Do you have any coaches available for private sessions?

We have a couple of coaches who run private sessions at our lake should you need help with your technique. Please get in contact with us if you would like to arrange a session.

Other notes

During COVID-19 restriction the clubhouse, changing areas and showers are not available. In normal times we have simple but nice clubhouse, a warm shower & a cup of coffee to enjoy after your swim, chatting with fellow swimmers. Wetsuits need to be removed before entering the clubhouse and hot drinks are done on a 'help yourself and put 50p in the honesty pot' system.

Car parking is limited to the duration of the swim session. Swimmers need to be off site by 09.00 when the lake opens for skiing, but there may be the possibility of leaving a car for a couple more hours if you want to head off for a run or a bike ride. You will need to ask permission to do this.

Contact our Swim Manager for more info by emailing ellinghamopenwaterswim@gmail.com.

Or check out our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Ellingham-Open-Water-Swim-507822332933381/

All swimmers must wear their NOWCA Safety Wristband every time they swim. It's your personal profile on your wrist, you use it to scan yourself in to and out of the water. Guest swimmers will be given a temporary wristband to wear which they must return at the end of the session.

As operators, the NOWCA wristband system means we know how many swimmers are in the water (and who they are), at any time. This is important for managing your swim safety.

For you as a swimmer, wearing your NOWCA Safety Wristband will speed your entry into the water plus record your swim time and distance.

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The 2020 swim season at Ellingham has now finished. We expect to restart in April 2021.
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