Portobello Beach, Edinburgh, Scotland

Our 2019 sea swim sessions have now finished. We'll be back in 2020 with more exciting swims so watch this space!

Open water swimming at Portobello Beach organised by Edinburgh Road Club Triathlon Squad.

Swimmers need to be in the water by 7pm and out of the water by 8pm. We have a 400m loop for you to use for your open water swimming.

Follow us on Facebook for our latest updates: https://www.facebook.com/erctrisquad/. Any enquiries please email ercnowca@gmail.com.

All swimmers must wear their NOWCA Safety Wristband every time they swim.
It's your personal profile on your wrist, you use it to scan yourself in to and out of the water.
As operators, we will know who and how many swimmers are in the water, at any time. This is important for managing your swim safety.
For you as a swimmer, wearing your NOWCA Safety Wristband will speed your entry into the water plus record your swim time and distance, just like wearing a chip at a triathlon.

If you are new to NOWCA and don't have a NOWCA band, please sign up online before your first swim at www.nowca.org and hit the red 'REGISTER' button at the top of the page, complete the form, citing our venue name and you will be able to collect your wristband from us ready for your first swim!

Your wristband can be used at all the NOWCA safety accredited lakes and venues all over the country.
Open Water Swimming
OWS - Discount 1
Portobello Beach
Bottom of Bellfield Street
EH15 1DT
United Kingdom
Telephone Number 
0131 669 5315